Vanessa Waltz Keylock-Trap System – What Have You Been Working On?

The year has been strange training-wise. But we found inspiration from other places, and among those places, Colorado. Vanessa Waltz has an awesome Keylock-trap system which we have been working on and adding to our game. Many hours training at home with low intensity, but it is better than nothing. We’re back on the mats now at the gym and even though my cardio isn’t what it used to be, I am in much better shape than most people in the gym. So I am so glad that Moa and I have been able to get some training in even during the worst of the pandemic.

Vanessa is awesome in so many ways. Always brings good vibes and inspirations. Her style of Jiu jitsu fits right into our own game, and hopefully we can visit her in Colorado someday.

Here is her own teaching of the keylock-trap system:

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