Jiu-jitsu – My knee problems and getting old

I had it really hectic last month with both work and all stuff with the kids before they ended the semester in school. So I just didn’t have time for blogging, but now I have vaccation so I will slow down things now and just relax (and also get time to blog). I am gonna talk a little about getting old and the problems who comes with it.

My main problem in jiu-jitsu and training overall are my knees. My meniscus in both my knees are bad after all year competing in badminton. They are progressly getting worse when I got older too and they are in a pretty bad state. Pushing beyond 40+ I expect them to get even worse in the future too. In jiu-jitsu it’s not that bad as long as I am on the ground, but standing can be a bit dicey – hence why I do not compete.

The problems are that my knees can give out or just dislocate if I turn the knee in the wrong way. If it happens I have to kick out real hard and it pops back in, after it happens the knee will be a bit unstable for a day and then go back to normal so it’s not that bad. But it does effect my training and how I approach things. But now I got this really good training program from a one of the girls who trains with us. It is made by and for the female soccer team in Sweden. Women always tend to have problems with the knees in soccer so if some one knows about knee-problems it would be them. I am gonna try this program to see if it can help me too, I mean it cant get any worse?

I’ll leave a link here too for everyone who want to try. It is in swedish but I think you can follow the exercises without knowing the language.



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