How to Omoplata People with Bendy Shoulders – Like Me

I talked about my bendy shoulders before and how it will make me resilient to some submissions like the omoplata and different shoulder-locks. Often I can wait for people to go for the omoplata and then just roll and pull my arm out it and take top control. I can be quite annoying with it to tell you the truth because I can get out from positions and locks which other would tap too. But I am gonna tell you all a secret! There is a way to submit a person with flexible or bendy shoulders like me.

The trick with the omoplata is to really clamp down on the shoulder and force it to the ground, but also get control of the hip so the person can’t roll. A “normal” omoplata can hold me in place, but it will be hard to finish the submission because of my shoulder.But  I have found a way to change the leg position which put tremendous pressure on the shoulder, you put the leg on the inside and the chin on the bicep. This will both clamp down on the shoulder, but also make you mobile enough to put alot of pressure on the persons back with your own chest. Here is a video of how I make this work. Well, more like how Moa is making it work on “me”.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”9bVRh88iG-g” ]

Here is the thing though, if you can’t make a technique work for some reason. Go back to the principle, what is this technique suppose to do? What is it purpose? Every person you roll with are different so sometimes you have to modify things to make them work. But for that you need to learn the principle of it.

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